Common Questions- Answered

At American Proper, we value customer feedback. Please allow us a few days to respond.

Common questions answered:

1.) Refunds- We do not accept refunds on hats, that would be like accepting refunds on underwear. Gross. All other FUTURE items we can either exchange or refund. 

2.) Military Discount: if you are an active duty soldier and OR USA Veteran and are having trouble with applying for a store discount please let us know. Follow these steps first- create an email, create a pw, input active duty service date, (active duty- enter yesterdays date), option #1 provide military email, option #2 upload official military ID or veterans affairs ID etc- this will make you permanently verified, then you will be given a discount code. 

3.) How do I know my donations are going to veteran groups? We give annual donations to our veteran groups and then post about it on our Facebook page or Instagram page. We donate specifically to Mission 22 and USVRC. 

4.) What is the difference between low-profile and mid-profile hats? If you have a small-regular sized head--> choose "low-profile". If you have a big head--> choose "mid-profile". Capisce? "Kah-peach?"

5.) Why is the hat $1 million dollars?  A.) These hats are made in the USA. Production in the US is much more expensive compared to overseas. B.) These patches/logos are branded/hand-cut/ and sewn by us @ AP.  C.) With each item purchased you are donating to an organization that supports our US active duty military and veterans. Thats why!