A 1940's American Icon

Curious about our logo? At American Proper we believe that the second most iconic symbol of our country, next to the American flag, is the 1940 WW2 Willy's Quad. Our logo has American history behind it. This 1940's machine sympbolizes an uncompromisable presence of strength and power in foreign lands, driven by 60 horsepower and 105 foot-pounds of torque. 
My father has owned a few Willys in the past. A 42 Ford GPW, a 43 Willys, and a 48 Willys in Silver. He used to take my sister and me to elementary school in them. We would show up to the drop-off line, bouncing up and down in our seats as he shifted gears, to then scramble out the sides of the car without opening or closing a single door. Our appearance was noteworthy-- looking rather disheveled, hair messy from the wind, clothes smelling of gasoline, grease, and musk. Girls would say our clothes smelled funny, but my sister and I could not have been prouder and our smiles proved that much.
Do us a favor- close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in one of these 1940s antiques. Imagine the faint scent of gasoline curling up into the wind as it warms up, the sound of the engine coughing and sputtering its way to life, the feeling of the waxed canvas seats, and the cool sensation of the smooth metal doors that leave your fingers stained black with grease.  An American icon of character and resilience; an icon stained with grease giving off a sweet scent of gun powder and musk. That- is what we want you to think of when you see our logo. 
This is for you, Pop.